Sunday, April 17, 2011

let's go back to school shall we?

why back to school?? Well, here in Malaysia, converse are the "it" shoes to wear to school. At least during my time that's how it was. Usually we will get caught and sent to detention class for wearing them just because they have these "cool" red and blue lines. Yes, we do have very strict dress code!!!

During my "younger" times, I mostly LIVED in converse and so do my friends. Now, they sit in my room all dusty and dirty. I can't even remember the last time I washed them!!. Well, I guess It's time for me to show them some LOVE and ATTENTION huh? The above is something that I put together using polyvore. But here is the actual outfit that I might be wearing if I ever felt young enough to throw them on.

Seriously, who invented self-timer??!

looks good??? I know what u're thinking. But hey! consider yourself lucky you couldn't smell them!

Did I mention that I am in serious love with Furla candy bag???! I did check them out and it costs freakin rm900+ in Malaysia and only $195=rm600+ in USA! WTH!



  1. Hi girl!! Love ur blog, following u! Follow back if u like! :) Love ur looks at lookbook, I've started one my own recently and I would like for u
    to follow me ther if u like my looks ofcourse :)!

    C u around! xx

  2. Hey pretty! Actually I already followed your blog. haha~ Thanks. I seldom check out my lookbook but will definitely check yours!!
    Take care and see u around!

  3. im in love with the furla candy bag too. i love the outfit you put on. i have the similar converse and was going to give it away but decided to start a DIY project :)

    I'm following <3

  4. Hey thanks fer dropping by!! I am glad ure keeping your converse. Don't forget to include the diy project in your blog. Would like to see it!
    I love your blog btw. Keep it up!