Saturday, April 23, 2011

giacomorelli studded loafers

I never liked the normal flats and I am not a big high heels wearer either. I mean I love them but I cannot run errands in them. So, the only way fer me to go stylish but simple is by wearing either sneakers or loafers. Most of the time I go for loafers. Which is why I need to get my hands on some of these!! But they are suuuuuuuuper expensive! *sigh*

I am imagining a pair of cropped super skinny jeans, white v neck with a pair of Giacomorelli. Ahhhhhhhh... Simple yet eye catching!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

let's go back to school shall we?

why back to school?? Well, here in Malaysia, converse are the "it" shoes to wear to school. At least during my time that's how it was. Usually we will get caught and sent to detention class for wearing them just because they have these "cool" red and blue lines. Yes, we do have very strict dress code!!!

During my "younger" times, I mostly LIVED in converse and so do my friends. Now, they sit in my room all dusty and dirty. I can't even remember the last time I washed them!!. Well, I guess It's time for me to show them some LOVE and ATTENTION huh? The above is something that I put together using polyvore. But here is the actual outfit that I might be wearing if I ever felt young enough to throw them on.

Seriously, who invented self-timer??!

looks good??? I know what u're thinking. But hey! consider yourself lucky you couldn't smell them!

Did I mention that I am in serious love with Furla candy bag???! I did check them out and it costs freakin rm900+ in Malaysia and only $195=rm600+ in USA! WTH!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

raglan tee inspired

Brandy raglan nappa sleeve top

Curly swing letterman jacket with leather sleeves

Black nappa sleeve floating weave rider top

I love how 3.1 Philip Lim fall'11 collection makes raglan a little bit more dressy compared to the standard baseball raglan. The leather sleeves added a "rockish" vibe to it. GENIUS!
I would wear it with just a simple pair of faded skinny jeans and I am good to go. Sad to say, I have checked a few online stores that carry 3.1 Philip Lim and non of the ones that I like is available. Maybe they haven't hit stores yet.

*For more pictures from the collection, click here and here.
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